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Cello Dynamites is a residential cello course for 8-16 year-old cellists running in parallel with the Cello Dynamo course which caters for older teenagers and young adults. Both courses share an ethos of quality music making, energetic teaching and inspirational mentoring. The course director and tutors bring a wealth of experience, not just as musicians, but with many years of running similar courses.


Course Director - Annelies Scott

Annelies was a string finalist in 1986 BBC Young Musician of the Year, and in the same year won a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Music where she was awarded the Dip. RAM, the highest Post Graduate qualification, whilst still an undergraduate. She went on to perform with the European Soloists Ensemble for 10 years.

Injury forced Annelies to retire from professional performance in 2003, since when she has focused on teaching and chamber music coaching.  She was a Course Director at Pro Corda for many years and has taught masterclasses at CelloFest.

In 2014 Annelies qualified as a counselling psychotherapist and works mainly with adolescents. This brings an extra aspect to the way she approaches working with and caring for young people, especially during a residential course. High quality pastoral care will be at the forefront of the course.

Inaugural Cello Dynamites Course Details

27-31 August 2019 at St Catherine’s School, Bramley. Course Fee : £675 (£50 discount for applications prior to April 30th 2019)

Cello Dynamites has two main aims: to provide a route for talented young cellists through to the older Cello Dynamo Course, and also to be a course for keen young cellists who, while not aiming for professional stardom, would enjoy being immersed in all things “cello” for the week.

Courses will include chamber music, cello orchestra, technique sessions and masterclasses (including some with the tutors from Dynamo) and Dalcroze Eurhythmics. Each student will leave after 5 days feeling that they have made a term’s progress and made lasting friendships as well.


Group Technical Classes & General Musicianship

Dynamites takes a holistic approach to learning. From warm-ups to scales, from singing to Kodaly method – there will be time each day to focus on the building blocks of being a cellist.

Sessions will be supportive and relaxed, so that whatever your standard or experience, you will feel it is safe to “have a go” and learn from each other.

There will also be a focus on listening to great cellists play great repertoire, so that the young musicians can be inspired by the works they will be able to play as they improve.



There will be opportunities for those who wish to take part in masterclasses: playing a prepared piece in front of an audience, and working with one of the tutors on stage to improve it.

Masterclasses sound intimidating, but there is something exhilarating about learning new concepts and techniques with an audience there, encouraging and supporting. These are experiences that are never forgotten.

Some masterclasses will be taken by the internationally renowned tutors from the Cello Dynamo course – an experience not to be missed!


Performance Opportunities

Performance is at the heart of what we do; sharing our music with others. There will be many performance opportunities during the week, culminating with ensemble and orchestral performances to the public and parents at the end of the course. These end of course concerts are not just an opportunity to go out on a high; they also let your parents see what you have been up to in the last 5 days!

There may be some solo performance opportunities during the week, so come prepared with your favourite pieces and enjoy being cheered on by your peers!


Chamber Music

Chamber Music contains the essence of music making – to play one per part in a small group is, for many musicians, the greatest of all musical experiences.

In terms of learning, chamber music teaches the student to listen, respond, take personal responsibility and be creative, all at once. There is no other activity which uses so much of the brain, so positively!

Each student will be put in at least two small ensembles which will rehearse and be coached every day.


Cello Orchestra

At the start or end of the day, there is little more uplifting than the whole community coming together to play en masse. Dynamites will also join the older Dynamo course for at least one piece so they experience playing with professional level musicians, as well as rehearsing their own large ensemble each day.

Pieces will be drawn from a range of styles: classical, tango, musical theatre and jazz. All selected, and many personally arranged by Annelies, to suit the range of age and experience within the group.


Social Events

While the day is about hard work and inspiration, the evenings are a chance for play of a different sort. Quizzes, talent shows and movie nights are all on the menu.

There will also be an extended lunchtime break so that there is plenty of time to recharge before the afternoon classes. The pastoral staff will organise activities such as country walks, crafts, treasure hunts and outdoor games, and those of secondary school age can go into the village in small groups with parental permission.



Venue: St. Catherine’s School, Bramley, near Guildford, Surrey

St Catherine’s School is an independent girls’ school in the village of Bramley, near Guildford, Surrey, England. The school is divided into a senior school, for ages 11–18, and a preparatory school for girls aged 4–11.

The course will take full advantage of St Catherine’s new, award-winning music facility, which includes a 300-seat auditorium boasting some of the best acoustics in the country, an orchestra pit, technical box and recording studio. Other facilities at St Catherine’s allow for huge scope in terms of social and leisure activities, with a swimming pool, extensive grounds with tennis courts, and common rooms in the boarding houses.

Cello Dynamo

Ages 14 – Postgraduate+

Cello Dynamo is a residential course for 14-Postgraduate+ cellists running in parallel to Cello Dynamites, which caters for older teenagers and young adults. Both courses share an ethos of quality music making, energetic teaching and inspirational mentoring.

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Course Fee : £675. Applications prior to April 30th 2019 will be eligible for a £50 discount for a total fee of £625.

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If you have any queries or require further information please email us at info@cellodynamites.co.uk
Cello Dynamites, Loxley Cottage, Stonehouse Road, Halstead, Kent, TN14 7HW